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for both

Different points of view to make the right decision

Our field experts are looking at the project from different views to get the whole picture of it and make the right decision about it future.

The individual conscience has the ultimate say.

We use algorithms only for faster finding of information that we use to verify each project. And only people are making the last decision.

Cover all projects not few

We are using 2 level verification. First will be done by users of platforms and the second by our experts. Thus, all projects will be covered and most critical ones will get verification by experts.

Our experts

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Bunch of algorithms for gathering and processing information about campaigns and their founders.

Andrey Nikishaev

10+ years in IT, entrepreneur for 5+ years, founder of few startups
Areas of expertise: BizDev, Marketing, Customer Relationship, Crowdfunding, IT

Denis Krutko

9+ years in IT, 7 years of experience in developing aviation trainer software and hardware, worked with US Air Forces
Areas of expertise: Mechanics, Electronics, IT, Hardware production

How To Start A Startup Ukraine Acceleration Program Experts

Areas of expertise: BizDev, Marketing, Customer Relationship, Fundraising, Crowdfunding, Finance, Jurisprudence, IP, Desing, IT, Hardware

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